Competitive Swimming

Developing your skills as a coach

As a coach, you inspire and deliver success at every level. You make swimming more enjoyable for more people. To match your commitment, we’re committed to supporting you as a current or aspiring coach in Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo and Open Water Swimming.


New Programme: We have combined our expertise with British Swimming, Swim England, and England Programmes to develop an exciting new coaching programme. The frameworks for each discipline have been developed separately by leading coaches in their fields. This means all content is specific. Find out more...


Latest Training: The new coaching programme contains the most relevant and up to date training techniques which will be continually reviewed to keep it fresh. It gives you the tools to apply this knowledge to coaching athletes at all levels; improving their performance while keeping them committed to the sport.


Defined Pathways to Success: The launch of this new programme helps coaches to get the most out of their athletes and builds the foundation for future success. Each discipline has its own pathway taking you from Assistant Coach, Coach to Senior Coach.

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